Engaging Girls in Robotics: Why WhalesBot Kits are a Perfect Solution

May 5, 2023
STEM Education
whalesbot as robotics kit

WhalesBot offers robotics kits for ages 3 and up that provide hands-on learning at different coding skill levels. They have introductory kits for young kids using block coding, intermediate kits for ages 8 and up that introduce text-based coding, and advanced kits for teens that allow building more complex robots. The WhalesBot STEM curriculum is focused on engaging girls in robotics through exciting hands-on projects.

Encouraging girls to pursue STEM early is critical for building future scientists, engineers and inventors - especially since women are hugely underrepresented in these technical and innovation-focused fields. According to research from Microsoft, closing the STEM gender gap could generate $16 trillion in global GDP by 2030.

There are substantial economic benefits associated with women's participation in STEM fields. For example, according to one report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, if the gender gap in science and technology workforce was closed, the U.S. economy could benefit from an additional trillions in GDP over 10 years. Another study estimated that by limiting women's participation in STEM, the U.S. has lost out on up to $520 billion in GDP over the last 50 years.  Learn more about engaging women in STEM.

Beyond just future career success, STEM education provides lifelong benefits for girls. Skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, persistence and problem-solving are useful in all areas of life. Girls can gain confidence in their ability to master challenging technical concepts and develop a passion for building, designing and creating with technology. WhalesBot aims to inspire a love of robotics and engineering in girls at an early age so they can utilize and build on these skills for years to come.   Read about the wider benefits of STEM education for students.

The WhalesBot curriculum includes design challenges and projects focused around themes that resonate with girls like assisting communities, the environment and serving people in need. WhalesBot also emphasizes the importance of visible female mentors and role models by featuring stories of women in STEM fields. These role models and projects that make a difference in the world motivate and inspire young girls.  

Several key features make WhalesBot robotics kits ideal for engaging young girls:

• Hands-on collaborative learning:

Girls work together to build and program the robots, sharing ideas and learning from each other. Hands-on activities are proven to engage girls in STEM learning and the collaborative, teamwork aspect appeals to many girls.

• Learning by discovery:

Open-ended projects encourage girls to explore and discover on their own at their own pace. Rather than just following step-by-step instructions, girls can experiment and try different designs. This freedom to discover keeps things interesting and fun.

• Creativity development:

Girls are able to design their own robots, programs and projects, not just follow instructions. They can express creativity through robot building and storytelling. Creativity is important for innovation and allows girls to develop confidence in creating technological solutions.  

• Growth mindset:

The WhalesBot curriculum nurtures a growth mindset by focusing on persistence, learning from mistakes and improving over time. This helps build the confidence, resilience and skills for girls to succeed in STEM fields where challenges and setbacks are inevitable. By embracing failure and persistence, girls will learn to overcome obstacles.

• Real-world social impact:

Girls build robots that actually help people, animals or the environment. For example, designing robots that can pick up litter, aid people with disabilities or even monitor endangered species. This gives real purpose and motivation to their learning. Studies show that robotics programs with a social benefit appeal strongly to young girls and their interests in making a positive difference.

• Visible role models:

Stories of real-world female engineers and role models in STEM fields are woven throughout the WhalesBot curriculum. By showing what is possible, these role models inspire girls to pursue interests in robotics and engineering.    

• All-in-one solution:

WhalesBot kits provide high-quality hardware, curriculum and learning management platform specially tailored to supporting and advancing young girls in STEM. Educators and parents don't have to pull together resources from different places. WhalesBot makes it seamless to run a program to engage girls in robotics.

By fostering curiosity, creative thinking, persistence and an interest in helping others with technology, WhalesBot is preparing girls with the mindset and skills for future success in STEM. The inspiring and supportive environment cultivates young girls who will become future scientists, engineers, inventors and tech entrepreneurs. Inspiring young girls in STEM fields leads to new ideas, more creativity and stronger innovation. Diverse teams often lead to more creative solutions and products. Robotics competitions, workplaces and STEM fields in general benefit from women's contributions.  Studies show that diverse teams lead to greater innovation. Read more about the benefits of diversity in innovation.  

Learn more about WhalesBot robotics kits at www.whalesbot.ai.