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To design and produce the ultimate STEM learning solutions that engage and inspire young minds in a dynamic and enjoyable manner.

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Our Story

Back in 2018, around 20 educational robotics professionals share a common goal to build the best STEM robotics solution. Since then, WhalesBot swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of robotics education for youngsters. Presently, its STEM education system is empowering over 1.8 million juveniles aged from 3 to 22 across 21 countries to learn and invent actively.

WhalesBot now has the most structured STEM robotics solution designed for continuous youth education. WhalesBot has successfully invented 5 series of programmable robots which include over 155 products. Including MakeU, Smart, AI Module, Engin Bot and WOBOT series.

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4-gear Ecosystem

WhalesBot boasts a robust ecosystem designed to facilitate the entire process of coding robots for STEM education. Its four integral components synergistically support and complement one another, culminating in an unbeatable and all-encompassing competitive advantage.

WhalesBot (Products system)

(Educational content cloud)

ENJOY AI (Worldwide robotics contest)

2050 Creativity Academy
(Teacher training system)
4 gear ecosystem

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