ENJOY AI 2021 Malaysia Opening

November 12, 2021
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Global Youth Artificial Intelligence Popularization Activity (ENJOY AI), organized by the non-profit organization Federation of Global Youth Artificial Intelligence since 2018, the first worldwide AI popularization activity designed for teenagers.

Teenagers are the future of the world, and how can they adapt to the development of AI? How can they use AI technology to study and live? How can they solve practical problems by using AI technology? The mission of ENJOY AI is to enable global youth to adapt to and obtain the world-changing AI literacy. It aims to become the world's most popular youth AI activity, most authoritative youth AI activity and global sci-tech carnival for youth. So far more than 600 activities are already conducted worldwide.

1. Information

Name:ENJOY AI 2021 Malaysia Open

Date:13 November2021



Guidance:Federation of Global Youth Artificial Intelligence

Host:ENJOY AI Organizing Committee of Malaysia

Organizer:MyFirst Robotics Centre


3.Competition Projects

● City Carnival (preschool, elementary)

● Water Sports (elementary, middle)

* If the total number of participating teams of the same competition project does not meet the minimum 10 teams, the relative competition may be cancelled.

If the number of participating teams in one division such as middle is less than 10, the relative division will be merged with another division of the same project.

Normally elementary school division covers Grade 1-6, middle school division covers Grade 7-9 and high school division covers Grade 10-12.

4.Registration Info

Registration is open before 31 Oct 2021.

Each team consists of 1-2 contestants and 1 coach.

5.Contact Info

For more information about this fantastic opportunity, please visit http://www.enjoyai.org or mail at maggie_tan@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to your participation in ENJOY AI 2021 Malaysia Open.