ENJOY AI 2023: Global Youth Robotics Competition in Wuzhen - Empowering STEM Futures

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In a world where technology and innovation continually reshape our future, the ENJOY AI Global stands as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration. Scheduled for the 9th and 10th of December in the scenic town of Wuzhen, China, this grand event is more than just a competition. It's a global showcase of young talent, creativity, and the limitless potential of STEM education. With over 10,000 bright minds from more than 20 countries converging, this year's competition promises to be a spectacular celebration of technological prowess and international friendship.

WhalesBot’s Role as a Major Sponsor

WhalesBot, synonymous with excellence in STEM education and innovation, proudly continues its long-standing association with the ENJOY AI Global Robotics Competition for Youth as its major sponsor. Our commitment goes beyond mere sponsorship; we are instrumental in providing state-of-the-art competition facilities and top-tier robotics kits for all categories. It's our belief that through nurturing young talent and providing the right tools, we are shaping the future of technology and innovation.

Competition Categories

This year's ENJOY AI Global 2023 features three distinct and exciting categories, each tailored to different age groups and skill levels:

  1. World Tour (Ages 3-6): Designed for our youngest innovators, the World Tour category introduces children to the fundamentals of coding in a fun and engaging way. Utilizing WhalesBot's starter kits, MakeU series, this category employs unique screen-free coding methods such as coding blocks, coding cards, and the WeCode Pad, with customized large, rounded-edge building blocks for young kid. These tools are specially designed to foster problem solving skills and creativity in young minds, making coding and STEM learning both educational and enjoyable.
  2. Summer Sports (Intermediate to Advanced Coders): Aimed at kids with more developed coding skills, the Summer Sports category is a dynamic challenge that tests both coding and strategic thinking. WIth WhalesBot AI Module Series, easy to assemble building blocks, participants from elementary school all the way to high school use Scratch or advanced program languages like Python, C++ to program their robots, navigating them through a series of sports-themed tasks. This category not only sharpens their coding skills but also encourages critical thinking and innovation in a competitive setting.
  3. The Art of War (Advanced Coders with Engineering Knowledge): The most challenging category, The Art of War, is designed for participants who possess advanced coding experience along with a solid understanding of engineering principles. In this category, participants engage in strategic planning and complex problem-solving, programming their robots to overcome intricate challenges. This category is a true test of participants' technical prowess and their ability to apply their knowledge in a competitive environment.

Each category in the ENJOY AI Global Robotics Competition is meticulously crafted to cater to different levels of coding expertise and age groups. From introducing young kids to the world of coding to challenging the more experienced ones, these categories ensure that every participant has a valuable and enriching experience, fostering a love for STEM and robotics.

Each category is designed to challenge participants' coding skills, creativity, and critical thinking, providing a platform for young minds to showcase their extraordinary talents.

The Importance of STEM Education, International Collaboration, and Gender Inclusivity

The ENJOY AI Global Robotics Competition is more than a display of technical skill; it's a testament to the power of STEM education in bridging cultural and gender divides. We recognize the critical role of gender inclusivity in STEM fields. This event is a vibrant platform for empowering young girls and women, inspiring them to explore and excel in robotics and STEM. Our success stories are not just about winners but about breaking barriers and fostering an inclusive environment where talent knows no gender.

The spirit of international collaboration is at the heart of this event. Participants from diverse cultures share ideas, learn from each other, and build friendships that transcend borders. This exchange enriches their experience, broadening their worldview and nurturing a global community of young innovators.

Participant Experience and Learning Opportunities

Participants can look forward to an enriching experience filled with learning, innovation, and competition. From mastering coding and robotics to developing problem-solving skills and creativity, the competition is a crucible where future scientists, engineers, and leaders are forged. It's an opportunity for participants to push the boundaries of what's possible, testing and expanding their abilities in a supportive and challenging environment.

Closing Remarks and Invitation to Follow the Event

We invite you to join us in celebrating this festival of young talent and technological ingenuity. Whether as a participant, supporter, or spectator, be a part of this extraordinary event that not only showcases the potential of today's youth but also shapes the visionaries of tomorrow. Follow the event, cheer for these young minds, and witness the future of STEM unfold at the ENJOY AI Global Robotics Competition.

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