Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey: The Biggest Coding Robotics Competition

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Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey: The Grandest Coding Robotics Competition

Who can't wait for "The Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey" one of the biggest robotics competition is back, If you missing out The Enjoy AI 2023 last year, make sure you sign up for The Enjoy AI 2024 this year, The most significant coding and robotics competition of the year, marking a historic moment in the technological calendar. This grand competition is a captivating fusion of technology and innovation, providing an unparalleled platform for students to showcase their prowess in coding and robotics. As we countdown to this extraordinary event, let's delve into the captivating itinerary of Enjoy AI 2024, where Interstellar Journey concepts come to life!

I. The Grand Closing Ceremony: Where Tradition Meets Technology

Commencing with a grandeur that transcends conventional norms, the Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey opens with an awe-inspiring closing ceremony. Across elementary, middle, and high school categories, this isn't just a ceremony; it's an immersive experience. Teams, comprising 1-2 members each, equipped with the powerful  WhalesBot AI Module 5, will embark on a task-oriented journey.

The AI Module 5 by WhalesBot  is the iconic coding robot by WhalesBot, with its 240Mhz clock, 4M flash, 224K RAM, and over 30 program storage, serves as the technological heartbeat empowering participants to delve into the world of coding and robotics. Its 128*64 LCD, Bluetooth capability, speaker, and 16 I/O interfaces provide a multifaceted platform for creative exploration.

The integration of augmented reality and holograms elevates traditional elements like team entry and award ceremonies, setting the stage to inspire the youth to become well-rounded learners and creators. This ceremony aims not only to spark curiosity but also to instill enthusiasm for the technological wonders that lie ahead.

As participants navigate the ceremony with their AI Module 5 in hand, they embark on a journey that goes beyond the confines of a typical awards event. The controller's USB download and online modes enable seamless interaction with the digital realm, allowing teams to showcase their coding and robotics prowess on a global stage.

The AI Module 5's sensors, including 5 ground grayscale sensors, 1 infrared obstacle sensor, and 1 color sensor, enhance the participants' ability to engage with the technology, bringing their creations to life. The actuator, featuring 3 closed-loop motors and an RGB light, adds a dynamic element to their coding masterpieces.

The structural and transmission parts of the AI Module 5, comprising an integrated chassis, over 315 components of more than 37 types, and 15 gears of 8 types, provide the foundation for participants to build and experiment with their robotic creations.

This ceremony serves as a testament to Enjoy AI's commitment to fostering innovation and creativity. The AI Module 5 isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to a world where tradition harmonizes seamlessly with technology, inspiring the next generation of coders and roboticist to reach new heights.

So, as the curtain rises on the Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey, equipped with the AI Module 5, teams embark on a technological quest, where imagination knows no bounds, and the future unfolds one line of code and one robotic creation at a time.

However, anyone who owns a WhalesBot AI Module 1S can also participate in this competition, provided they are equipped with the accessory pack. In addition to the AI Module 5, there's also the AI Module 5S available, which offers a more powerful controller and additional features. Contact us for more details!

II. Galactic Defence Battle: The Arena of Competitive Confrontation

The second section, the Galactic Defence Battle, is the pinnacle of competitive confrontation in the coding and robotics world. Reserved exclusively for middle and high school students, this competitive galaxy features teams of two engaging in a one-on-one format. Here, participants design and control robots for space-themed attack and defense tasks using WhalesBot advance code robot calls ABC E-500. It's not just about automation; it's a strategic battle where contestants must outwit and outmaneuver their opponents, adding an element of thrill and competition that reverberates across the coding and robotics community.

Teams will showcase their technical prowess, pushing the boundaries of innovation in each meticulously crafted robot. The Galactic Defence Battle isn't just a contest; it's a testament to the cutting-edge capabilities and strategic ability in the world of coding and robotics.

III. Space Animal City: Exploring Biodiversity through Robotics

Taking a unique and vital turn, Space Animal City is crafted for preschool and early elementary participants. In this cooperative task-oriented challenge, teams of two control robots to classify animals, delving into biodiversity exploration. This event isn't just about technology; it's a journey into ecological awareness, inspiring young minds to love and protect nature.

Equipped with the WhalesBot U20 Pro, participants embark on a dynamic exploration of the natural world. The U20 Pro's sophisticated features, including an integrated controller with closed-loop motors, LEDs, a speaker, and a 1500mAh lithium battery, provide the foundation for a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

The U20 Pro's Coding Pen, with its OID optical intelligent identification sensor, allows participants to interact seamlessly with the coding and robotic elements of the challenge. Additionally, the set of 52 Coding Cards facilitates a hands-on approach to learning, making the Space Animal City section a perfect amalgamation of technology and environmental education.

As participants navigate the challenges with the U20 Pro in hand, they not only delve into the intricacies of coding but also gain a profound understanding of biodiversity. The ultrasonic sensor and interactive motor of the U20 Pro enhance the participants' ability to engage with the natural world, fostering a deep connection with the environment.

More than just a coding exercise, this section serves as a testament to the diverse applications of robotics. It emphasizes the competition's commitment to nurturing a generation of young innovators who appreciate the significance of environmental sustainability and biodiversity. The U20 Pro, with its versatile features, transforms Space Animal City into a captivating journey that goes beyond traditional coding exercises, encouraging participants to become stewards of the environment and champions of biodiversity.

IV. Space Traveling: Eagle Drone Competition

The heart of the Space Traveling competition lies in the awe-inspiring Eagle's Drone by WhalesBot. This competition is a testament to the convergence of cutting-edge technology and aerospace exploration, challenging participants to push the boundaries of their coding and robotics skills.

Equipped with an array of advanced sensors, the Eagle's Drone by WhalesBot provides participants with an unparalleled platform for aerospace innovation. The sensors, including a Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Flame Sensor, Human Infrared Sensor, Laser Range Finder, Ambient Light Sensor, AI Image Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Gesture Control Sensor, and Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor, empower participants to navigate and control the drone with precision.

The diverse set of actuators, featuring an RGB LED, LED Matrix, Servo Motor, Swarm Module, and Digital Display, adds a dynamic dimension to the competition, allowing participants to engage in creative and complex maneuvers during their aerial missions.

With the flexibility of programming languages such as Scratch, Python, and C, participants have the freedom to explore and implement their coding expertise, unleashing the full potential of the Eagle's Drone in the vast expanse of the competition environment.

The inclusion of a Bluetooth 5.0 Joystick enhances the user experience, providing intuitive control over the drone's movements and actions. This feature ensures that participants can navigate and maneuver their drones with ease, adding an element of excitement to their aerospace endeavors.

Powered by a 3.8V, 1100mAh battery, the Eagle's Drone is designed for extended flight times, approximately 11 minutes in hover state. The main flight control chip, an ARM M4 core with a clock frequency of 240 MHz, and a flash memory of 1MB, ensures the drone's responsiveness and agility in executing programmed tasks.

The built-in features of the Eagle's Drone further contribute to its capabilities, incorporating an Optical Flow Sensor, Laser Range Sensor, 6 Axis Gyroscope, and Barometric Pressure Sensor. This intricate network of sensors and features provides a comprehensive understanding of the drone's surroundings, enabling participants to tackle challenges with precision.

The bidirectional interface with reusability, including serial ports, I2C ports, Digital Output Ports, Analog Input Ports, PWM Servo Motor Port, and 5V Power Supply Ports, adds a layer of versatility to the Eagle's Drone, allowing participants to integrate external components and expand the drone's functionalities.

Space Traveling with the Eagle's Drone by WhalesBot will bring drones education to another level for students to get more comprehensive study; it's a journey into the future of aerospace technology. Participants exploring the limitless possibilities at the intersection of coding, robotics, and aerospace innovation. The Eagle's Drone competition is a beacon for those who dare to dream of conquering the skies with their coding prowess.

V. Virtual 3D Competition: Breaking Physical Barriers

Recognizing the evolving landscape of competition, Enjoy AI introduces a revolutionary virtual dimension. Open to elementary, middle, and high school students, the 3D Virtual format allows individuals to participate remotely. This groundbreaking approach ensures that every aspiring coder and roboticist can join the journey, irrespective of physical constraints, making Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey the most accessible and inclusive coding and robotics competition to date.

In this virtual space, participants will navigate through challenges, leveraging their coding and robotics skills in a digital realm. The introduction of the Virtual Competition broadens the competition's reach, making it a truly global event and reinforcing Enjoy AI's commitment to inclusivity in the ever-expanding world of technology.

A Monumental Journey into the Future

As we eagerly anticipate the Enjoy AI 2024 Interstellar Journey, we brace ourselves for a monumental journey into the future of coding and robotics. Where robotics enthusiast from around the world will gather to show their coding and robotics ability. Get ready for the beginning of an odyssey that transcends the boundaries of imagination prepare to embark on a thrilling journey filled with fun and the chance to make friends from around the world who share your passion for coding and robotics. Join us as we dive into the future, creating lines of code and innovative robotic wonders, making this competition the grandest celebration of our shared enthusiasm.

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